Preston County Schools
731 Preston Drive
Kingwood, WV 26537
Steve Wotring, Superintendent (304) 329-0580
Brad Martin, Asst. Superintendent (304) 329-0720 (fax)
Ange Varner, Asst. Superintendent
Dear Parent / Guardian or Staff Member:

Due to the passage of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), automated calling systems such as the School Messenger cannot be used for non-emergency purposes without express written consent of individuals. In order to comply with this legislation, Preston County Schools has discontinued all non-emergency automated calls (including absence verification calls) until written consent of parents and staff can be collected and documented. Please review the permission slip below and indicate your approval to receive non-emergency messages via the School Messenger automated calling system from Preston County Schools. Upon receipt of this document, your account will be updated accordingly within the system as per your request. Parents and staff who do not return or respond to this notice will not receive automated calls via the system. If you have questions about this notification, please contact the Preston County Board of Education at (304) 329-0580. Permission updates can be submitted online by clicking the submit button at the bottorm of this form.

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I give my permission to receive non-emergency messages from Preston County School district at the following phone numbers via call, text or email by way of an automated dialing software, such as School Messenger.

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When you press submit, the information will be sent to the Preston County Board Office.